New chapter. New plans. New bike!

It’s been a while! Yes, I know. It’s been rather silent and boring here. Well.. let me fix it!

It’s been a crazy year. Intensive, unpredictable, messy, stressed, everything was new from the top to the ground.  But I’ve learned a lot. I’ve got a good job, a new profession, new amazing people, new place, and love. There was a time for short trips to Switzerland, Georgia, France, Italy and of course Poland. Well, I’ve got almost all that I’ve asked for. Sometimes even more to handle. But life is still good to me and is speeding like crazy with new opportunities! Enjoy the ride with me and let me tell you more about my love for two wheels!

After closing my first travel project – Into the dust 2015 which appeared as a very intensive and if I can recommend you something before you will start you first trip – don’t engage yourself so much into media stuff. Well, it’s a lot of work. It’s better to find 2-3 good media patronages instead of too many in my opinion. Anyway, they helped me a lot! For example Modeka –  I am using they gear non-stop and it’s still good!

But coming back to my life – so what was really happening?

Well, let’s see!

New city.


For sure, I am not a city girl and so far Warsaw is the biggest city I’ve ever lived in. It’s sometimes complicated, unfriendly or even weird but somehow we are still dating and I am discovering something new every single day.


New trips

Switzerland, Paris, Georgia, Tuscany… and I’ve just bought a ticket to Majorca! Well, it’s never ending story and my priority for life, it gives me the power to live – to discover – to taste – to meet. Pure love!


And finally… my new bike!

My first Yamaha YBR found a new owner and in just one day I’ve decided to take care of new Yamaha. This time, two strokes DT 125 with some extra power. OMG what a romance we have! This bike is surprising me on every single ride. I believe it’s a perfect match for the first time with enduro. The plan is to learn more technique, get more adrenaline and stay without crashes 🙂 Let me officially present you my new love:


Let the adventure begin…




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